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The 21st century will not see a change in bathroom designs and trends but there will be some new design concepts that will come into play during this time. One of the trends that will take place is that of the “box-like” design concept. This is a very modern design that takes traditional bathroom shapes and distributes them into a more boxy shape. Some of the places where this concept will be seen include hospitals, clinics, and even in cruise ships.

There will also be some small fixtures that will be placed into the bathroom in order to give the bathroom a contemporary look. This could mean the use of colors such as white and gray or shades of blue. Small bathrooms are difficult to decorate in order to have a contemporary look to the use of bright colors will help. If there are already fixtures present then they will be updated to match the design of the bathroom. If not then the bathroom will still have a contemporary look but it will just be on a different scale.

The next big design concept that will come into play is that of the white and black painted walls. These walls will be used to give the bathroom a clean and crisp look. White is a good color to work with when painting the walls because it has a calming effect that makes people feel better. With a clean room, the possibility of germs being present is slim and this will help keep everyone’s health at an all-time high.

A major design trend for the next few years will be that of the large open plan bathrooms that are becoming more popular. These bathrooms will be smaller than those found in traditional bathrooms but many homeowners still like them. For those who can afford it, these large open plan bathrooms can be very expensive but many people are choosing them for their home.

When designing one of these large spaces, it will be important to pay attention to how much natural light can be allowed into the room. Many homeowners only install artificial lighting because they are cheaper and they can be found in a wide array of colors and designs. Artificial lighting is fine if there is not an actual problem with saving on electricity but if there is the possibility of saving on natural gas then it would be better to install natural lighting. Using artificial lighting will only have a minimal effect on the heated value of the bathroom and the overall temperature inside.

One other trend that is new to bathrooms is the installation of new tiles. New tiles will be laid down onto the floor of the bathroom. These tiles can be installed on top of any type of tile that has been previously laid in the bathroom. New tiles will be more durable and last longer than older tiles. This a very promising design idea and will only get more popular in the future. For more details on bathroom remodeling visit