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With professional team of car detailing specialists, ensure a professionally restored vehicle with a shiny finish that resembles as good as new. In-depth interior and exterior car detailing services include: Hand washing and hand drying.

Full body detailing includes buffing and waxing. Detailing for the engine and exterior gives emphasis on the paint finish. A car’s interior receives attention too. It is often the last thing to be detailed, but is actually the most important. This is because a well-detailed interior helps make a car look larger than it is.

Palm Harbor car wash and detailing specializes in creating that perfect shine on your car. They offer both in-house and mobile buffing machines. In-house machines are designed to wash the car in the proper method. They use different methods like cold water or hot soapy water to remove surface dirt.

Professional car detailing at Palm Harbor includes waxing which removes exterior dirt, grease and polish. The car is then cleaned using chemical cleaners that remove grime and further protects the paint. Chemical cleaners can be either conventional or non-conventional solvents.

Some people believe in hand waxing. Although it removes surface dirt, it may not clean deep enough to protect the car’s finish. It also does not remove wax that has built up. Waxes are applied with a cloth, then buffed to remove dust. There is also a negative side effect of waxing.

It leaves behind a film that prevents the car’s finish from shining through. Hand waxing can be a very effective car detail. However, it is quite laborious and should only be done by professionals. Waxing should only be done by a trained car technician. A professional car technician will also be able to tell you if you need any further detailing to get the car’s finish as close to the original as possible.

Another option for car detailing is airbrushing. Airbrushing involves using a brush gun that sprays a fine mist of water-based acrylic paints. This technique allows you to make small imperfections on your car in many areas. Airbrushed car details can be detailed all over the car.

Car detailing is an art. You will spend hours perfecting a one-of-a-kind look for your car. This will result in a one-of-a-kind car showpiece. If this is your first car, you will probably want to take your time. Take your time and enjoy watching as your car is beautifully detailed.

In addition to being a labor of love, it is also a good business venture. Detailing companies make a handsome living, and they have the technology, equipment and labor to turn your car into a work of art. They also have access to the latest detailing chemicals and equipment. You could be walking away with a one of a kind, unique car.