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Promotional signage is an incredibly cost effective way to advertise your product or service. Simple ideas for your storefront signs can make a big impact on your bottom line. The signs, posters, and banners you place in front of your store are likely your first chance to engage with your prospective buyers. And first impressions are definitely lasting impressions. This is your opportunity to projection the image you wish potential customers will have about your company.

Before you start shopping for promotional signs for your storefront, it’s important to get some perspective. How many other businesses in your area or around your particular niche are advertising similar products or services? Which companies have the best chance of converting those purchases into new customers? You also need to consider how long you’re going to run a campaign. Is it something you can do yourself or will you need to hire outside help? All of these things can impact the cost and effectiveness of your outdoor signage.

In most cases, outside signage and outdoor banners will be used to announce specific promotions, inform shoppers of sales or special sales, or otherwise promote a product or service. Retail signs, of course, are another great use for this type of advertising. These are the storefront signs that you see on the street and in busy intersections around towns and cities. Yard signs, on the other hand, are billboards that are placed in your yard. Both of these types of outdoor signage are fairly inexpensive compared to the cost of running an effective marketing campaign with outdoor banners or posters.

Now that you’ve got your storefront signs and banners, what’s the next step? Print them in bold, attractive colors so potential customers know they’re there and immediately recognize your product or service. Make sure your messages are clear and easy to understand. Make sure your sign is at an appropriate size and can be read from a distance as well. If your signs are too large, they will just stand out and nobody will be able to read them when they’re nearby.

The way you choose your colors is going to depend a lot on your storefront’s environment and your customers’ personalities. If you have a very distinctive color palette, such as reds and greens with black or dark red accents, then you might want to stick with that look rather than trying to create an all-blue, all-white storefront. On the other hand, if your storefront is painted a neutral, earth toned color, then you might want to go with bold colors. Think about the design of a car sticker or a bumper sticker. They usually contain a strong, dominant color in the center and fade out over time, until the message begins to pale and become more unappealing to potential customers.

Outdoor signage experts will often tell you that another element of good signage design is the shape of your storefront signs. Different shapes will work better with different environments. For example, a round sign may be more effective in a brick and mortar store than a rectangular sign. It may also work better in an outdoor setting than in an indoor setting, because it allows customers to look up and see the full image.

Another important factor in your efforts at effective storefront signage is how effective your storefront signage is at visually communicating the benefits of your products or services. Your a-frame signs and banners should have this same kind of impact. Make sure your signs are designed to emphasize your branding message. Attention grabbing, colorful, attention-grabbing signs, and banners work best to grab potential customers’ attention. Using reflective material on a-frame signs and sidewalk signs can also help.

Finally, consider the graphics you will use on your storefront signs and banners. Graphics are an important part of communicating your corporate values, especially as your business begins to expand and attracts a broader customer base. If you’re planning on using graphics in your signage, try to limit them to one or two colors so that they don’t distract from the sign itself. Graphics are particularly effective for introducing products and services to new customers. However, if you need to use graphics for attracting new customers to your company’s store, be sure that your graphics are also easy for the average customer to read. Click here for a free consultation services.